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"The Hamrah Education Services" located in Los Angeles, is administrated by dedicated University Professors, who have the knowledge in higher educations in U.S. Dr. M. Mehdi Ghafelebashi is the head of "HAMRAH". Please go to our Website, to learn more "ABOUT US".


The center offers services in ,enrolling the students in an accredited university in U.S., preparing students in the interview, in the U.S. Embassy, to receive the F -1 Visa, permit to enter the United States.

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The most important we provide the financial aids, to cover good part of the educational expenses. We also provide services, for the qualified applicants, to get H-1B Visa, and work in a major company in U.S.

The U.S. Governments, in building closer tie with Iran, has been issuing more F- 1 and H-1B Visas, and welcoming Iranian to stud, or work in The US companies.



Dr. Ghafelebashi At U.C.L.A.:Lectures in The latest Discoveries in Astronomy


There are few centers available in Iran, or the neighboring counties, who could give students expert advices, related to studying or work in America.

We are a group of professor, with the knowledge, and experiences in the educational system of the United States, have daily contacts with the major U.S. companies. The center has up to date of, research database, from 35000 Universities, and the information on the job vacancies in companies in the United States.

We are confident in our abilities, and you put your trust in our experiences, and you will succeed, Dr. Ghafelebashi was the Professor, and Head of Department, of Materials Engineering, at The Shariff University Of Tech.in Iran; He has been, for the past 15 years, university professor, in Southern California. Dr. Ghafelebashi has MS., Ph.D., Post-Doc., in Engineering Physics from Cornell University (IV League No 2 in US). He also has the Post- Doc. from U.C.L.A.                                                                                          


Shah Iran

Dr. Mohammad Mehdi Ghafelebashi receiving the highest Medal of Honor in Physics.
Given by: The Shah of Iran

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