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Students Financial Aid: Universities in the United States frequently offer several types of employment for their students on F -1 visas. The positions may be on-campus or off-campus. They may also involve work study or scholarships. Hamrah Center's database includes information on the financial resources offered by colleges and universities as well as other organizations that work with students. Hamrah Center is here to help you find the resources you need to support yourself while you study in the U.S.


scholarship"Hamrah Services” international Students and Financial Aids.

The financial aids remain the primary concern of many foreign students, specifically for Iranian, facing the cost of studying In the United States. We at the center would find you the schools that have a history of generous funding for foreign students, or locations where there are more local funds are available.

There are two ways of financial support, available for aiding the foreign students, while actively studying In the United States.

A. Employment through school
  • a. On- campus employment.
  • b. Off– campus employment.
  • c. Off- campus employment: CPT.
  • d. Off –campus employment: Pre-completion OPD.
  • e. Off-campus employment: Post-completion OPD.
  • f. Off-campus employment: international Organization.
  • g. Off- campus employment: Severe Economic Hardship.
  • h. Work is part of academic program.
  • i. School-funded work-study program.

The work study program provides employment opportunities to students with financial needs. The foreign students would earn money in US dollars, and at the same time, get work experiences in their field of study. The foreign students are allowed to start working from their first semester. Students can use their income for their education needs.

B. Students aids from outside sources

There are hundreds of major organizations in US, provide many billions of dollars of financial aids to college-bound students annually. The foreign students could benefit from these funds, while studying in US on F-1 Visa. “HAMRAH” has the complete list of these organizations, and has obtained various types of aids form them, for many foreign students studying in US on F-1 Visa.

Student’s aide income is the most important factor for many students of low income, to succeed studying in US, and use the aids money toward their university expenses.

Put your trust in our experiences, and you will succeed.